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A Friend Of The Family: True Evil (2022) NEW!

A Friend of the Family is an American drama miniseries. Based on true events, it follows Robert Berchtold, a close friend of the Broberg family, who kidnaps Jan Broberg twice over a period of two years. It consists of nine episodes and premiered on Peacock on October 6, 2022.[1] The events depicted in the series were previously covered in the 2017 documentary Abducted in Plain Sight.

A Friend of the Family: True Evil (2022)

The Peacock documentary, which serves as a companion piece to drama series A Friend of the Family, sees Broberg delve deeper into the unbelievably true story of her two-time kidnapping. Broberg, who was kidnapped and sexually abused by family friend Robert Berchtold nearly 50 years ago, will revisit scenes of the crime including "the bedroom where her abuse began and where police finally rescued her in Mexico".

Best friends Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh Kelley have range: In addition to serial killers and mysterious deaths, they tackle other true-crime subgenres such as spooky myths, creepy history, and haunted places. 041b061a72


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