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Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Exercise bikes for home use have become popular in recent years thanks to updated tech and integrated content. Once upon a time, exercise bikes were boring, utilitarian, and mostly enjoyed by cycling enthusiasts during the off-season. Currently, there is an exercise bike for every home and user with various tech options, subscription content, and improved geometry.

exercise bike buying guide

There are several different types of exercise bikes riders can choose from. Different bikes will appeal to different riders depending on your height, the type of riding you enjoy, and any mobility issues.

This is a traditional exercise bike that will look familiar to most riders. A spin bike often resembles a regular bike, with a narrow seat, front-mounted flywheel, and multi-position handlebars. We recommend this style of bike if you enjoy regular spin classes at the gym. Spin bikes may require the rider to lift a leg up and over the bike. Riders sit upright with the hips directly over the pedals. For some riders, this can be a slightly hard bike to get up on, so be aware that some knee and hip flexion is required to get on this bike and ride correctly. Spin bikes are popular because they resemble a regular bike and feel very similar to riding outdoors. These bikes have also become popularized through spin classes taught at specialty and big box gyms. Spin bikes tend to have heavy, weighted flywheels, a narrow, racing-style saddle, and adjustable resistance. These bikes are excellent for weight loss due to the high-calorie burn that is possible in a single class. However, they can be difficult to get on and off and elevate the rider enough that those with balance or vertigo issues should probably not opt for a spin bike.

Exercise bikes can be found in all kinds of price ranges. Typically, bikes with attached touchscreens are a bit more expensive than those without. Another factor in price to consider is that if the exercise bike comes with a monthly subscription, this will be a cost on top of the price for the bike itself.

Exercise bikes in this price range usually come with higher end features like the included touchscreen, but sometimes they come with even more features. The MYX II Plus is just over $1500 and includes the bike with the touchscreen and also extra equipment to make it more like a complete home gym. The new S22i Studio Cycle exercise bike from NordicTrack also fits in this price point and has a unique inclining feature.

The content or lack of content on an exercise bike can really impact whether you use it or not. Both come with benefits, but it really comes down to your personal preference, which kind of display works best for you, and encourages you to ride often.

Touchscreen exercise bikes often come with a specific app preloaded in the console. Apps provide integrated functionality like automated speed and incline controls and responsive heart rate training. A few of our favorites include:

A virtual reality app you can subscribe to and compete in bike races with other runners. This is not specific to any exercise bike, but a few exercise bikes will sync with Zwift including Sole and Horizon.

We are not medical professionals, so if you are experiencing knee pain when riding or if you have knee problems and want to start riding a cycling bike, consult your doctor. Riding an exercise bike is a lower impact activity, but it might not be best for some users.

Each model and brand differs slightly, so before buying a bike, look at the warranty to see what exactly it covers and for how long. You may also want to see if the brand offers an extended protection program where you pay extra for a longer warranty.

Exercise bikes are a great alternative to the gym. They can give you an effective cardio workout that is suitable for any level of fitness. However, there are so many types and brands available that selecting one that suits you, can be a daunting task. The most obvious advantage of this is that it allows you to exercise even when you would not want to go out due to weather conditions. When deciding what the best exercise bike is for you, you will want to consider a number of factors such as affordability, fitness goals and features.

Exercise bikes provide a great cardio workout with many fitness benefits. They increase muscle tone, strengthen your legs and can be great for burning calories too. Choosing the best bike is no small task. Thankfully, our handy buying guide will help you choose between the types of exercise bikes, and help you pick out which features are worth paying for.Choose one of these buying guide topics:Types Of Exercise BikeExercise Bike BenefitsBest Buys For Your GoalsExercise Bike FAQRead JTX Exercise Bike ReviewsShop All Exercise BikesTYPES OF EXERCISE BIKENeed help understanding the differences between each type of exercise bike? Click the image to find out more about the benefits of each bike style:

Interactive or smart exercise bikes offer connectivity to a range of cycling or fitness apps. Smart bikes feed data about your workout back to the app, which then displays it on the screen. The app prompts you to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout based on the hill/ game/ workout/ other online competitors or targets you have selected. You can adjust your resistance yourself or some smart bikes automatically adjust the resistance for you. Others also adjust the incline of the bike to respond to the terrain within the apps.

Air bikes are the loudest type of exercise bike. The noise comes from the fan and the harder your exercise, the louder the fan is. The noise isn't likely to annoy the neighbours but it will mean you'll have to turn up the TV or your music to hear it properly. As it's a consistent low-frequency noise it's easier to ignore than the sound of a treadmill.

Choosing the best exercise bike for your personal goals is crucial. Exercise bike workouts can improve cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles and burn fat. So how to choose the best exercise bike for you? Start by thinking about your fitness goal.

Air bikes are another great option for HIIT training. Popular with CrossFit athletes, air bikes offer an intense, full body workout. They are ideal for short bursts of exercise. Pushing and pulling with your arms, while you cycle hard will push you to new limits. Regular HIIT training on an air bike, such as the JTX Mission Air Bike, will significantly improve your cardio fitness and muscle tone.

Commercial, light or semi-commercial grade fitness equipment needs to achieve certain safety and quality standards. These standards, relating to build quality and safety, are due to the longer daily usage and lack of care most users will take in a commercial environment. The tests include maximum body weights in particular stress positions and pedal endurance testing. We can provide detailed testing certification for all our exercise bikes. Please contact our friendly customer service team to ask for details. A light or semi-commercial exercise bike is suitable for 2-3 hours of daily use in a business environment such as a hotel gym or a physio studio, but not the constant use of a commercial gym. Our customers often buy semi-commercial equipment for their homes when they want to invest in a long-term exercise bike with high build quality or the maximum user weight accommodates their larger build.

This Spin Bike buying guide is a comprehensive overview of the current features and technologies available in modern Spin Bikes. Use this buyers guide to help you make a more informed decision about your next spin bike purchase.

A Spin Bike is a very different beast compared to most other kinds of indoor cycle on the market. Spin Bikes are designed with the aim of providing a realistic cycling substitute that closely replicates what you would experience on a road or track bike. Spin Bikes are the best product for bringing the outdoor cycling experience indoors and this is reflected in rise of Spinning and other indoor cycling classes to becoming one of the most popular exercise trends in the world.

For serious cyclists, SPD pedals will be a must when buying a Spin Bike. However for other users and commercial buyers toe straps might be all they require. Either way the bike must have an adequate method for fixing the riders foot to the pedal securely.

When I started my research on exercise bikes, little did I know that I would spend so much time figuring which one has the best resistance type or the sturdiest frame. Truth to be told, I was rather ignorant in this aspect, thinking that if I want to lose calories, any bike will do.

Stability is one of the most important aspects of exercise, since the last thing you want is to injure yourself when riding your bike. If the bike is wobbling, then you can just forget about it. Of course, some of you might want to buy the equipment online. In that case, to determine how stable the bike is, check out its weight.

Exercise bikes are one of the most popular home fitness machines on the market. These bikes give you an effective workout and promote a healthy lifestyle. You will have fun, enhance your fitness routine and burn calories with exercise bikes. They are also referred to as stationary bicycles, indoor bikes or studio cycles. They work your legs, lungs and heart while limiting the impact on your knees and leg joints. Exercise bikes are available in several different designs. Due to the cost involved, you will most likely purchase only one exercise bike for several years to come so read the following buying guide and make an informed decision.What are the factors to keep in mind when buying an exercise bike? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();Smart shopping is required when buying home fitness equipment because it is normally a long-term investment. Check whether the bike offers a comfortable seat and a well-balanced flywheel. Also make sure that you can vary your workouts with adjustable resistance options. The exercise bike should have a sturdy frame and a wide range of seat heights. Finally, check whether the bike comes with a good warranty and free repair services. What are the different kinds of exercise bikes available?There are three different types of stationary exercise bikes: upright bikes, recumbent bikes and dual action bikes. Upright Bikes:Upright exercise bikes are similar to traditional bicycles. These bikes have tiny saddles where you sit with your back unsupported and pedal. Upright bikes occupy very little space. They give you a good lower body and cardiovascular workout. You can even stand up and pedal with an upright bike.Recumbent Bikes:Recumbent bikes have a laid-back seating style. The chair-like or bucket seat allows you to lean back for a more comfortable ride. This seating arrangement is good for people with back problems, as it provides lower back support. The pedals are located toward the front of the bike, making the seated position similar to the one that you adopt while driving. These bikes work your hamstrings and gluteals. They also promote efficient blood flow throughout the body. Some recumbent bikes have a recline feature that allows you to adjust the angle of your seat accordingly. They are ideal for overweight persons. If you are not a bike enthusiast, recumbent bikes should be your choice.Dual Action Bikes:Dual action or elliptical bikes have movable bars as arm handles. You can increase the overall aerobic intensity of your workout by moving your arms and legs at the same time. Dual action bikes are ideal for those looking to tone both their upper and lower body.What kind of resistance do you need?Exercise bikes use friction-based, electro-magnetic or air-resistance mechanisms. The kind of resistance you can choose depends on your budget. Bikes with friction-based resistance, like a caliper or fabric brand brake, are low-priced, but they offer only limited programming. Bikes with air resistance use a fan to produce resistance. The fan also provides a cooling effect. These bikes last longer, as they are free from friction which causes wear and tear. Air resistance bikes are very rare. However, the Schwinn Airdyne is the most popular model of this kind. Bikes that use electro-magnetic resistance are smoother. These models are usually more expensive, but they provide quieter operation. You can benefit from their pre-set programs and heart rate monitors as well. Try to select a bike with automatic resistance settings, as it will be safer to use.Do bikes require power to operate?Most bikes are self-driven and do not need mains power to operate. You can use an exercise bike for about six hours a day. These models last longest if only one or two persons use the same machine. If more than two people use the same bike, it is advisable to purchase a model that requires mains power to drive them.How much space do these bikes occupy?Exercise bikes are usually small and occupy minimal space. You can opt for fold-away bikes that can be stored in racks when not in use. Do you want to monitor your workout?Most exercise bikes provide information on speed, distance traveled and length of your workout. Do you want to know the total calories you burnt, the program mode or the resistance level? Some advanced models give you all this information along with your pulse and heart rate. Pre-programmed workouts and information storage are offered by sophisticated exercise bikes only. 041b061a72


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