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"Why Don't You Love Me" is a song recorded by American singer Beyoncé Knowles for the platinum edition of her third studio album, I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008). It was written by Knowles, Angela Beyincé, Solange Knowles and the Bama Boyz and produced by the Bama Boyz and Knowles. "Why Don't You Love Me" is an R&B song with disco influences that is set in a retro style. According to its lyrics, Knowles questions her love interest about why he does not value her fabulousness. Its 1960s-styled music video was directed by Melina Matsoukas and Knowles under the alias Bee-Z, and it stars the latter as "B.B. Homemaker". Knowles pays homage to Bettie Page in the video, which critics universally commended for its 1960's style sets and costumes. They also complimented Knowles for her acting skills.

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"Why Don't You Love Me" is different from Knowles' previous dance-pop songs as it makes use of a retro style.[4] It is an upbeat track that draws from the genre of R&B.[5] The song also contains elements of up-tempo disco and funk music.[6][7] It consists of energetic tribal beats,[5] a drum loop, funky guitars and a bassline that was designed to make it a groovy and dance song. According to the lyrics of "Why Don't You Love Me", Knowles impersonates a woman who questions her love interest about the reason for which he does not value her fabulousness,[4] convincing him she's the best thing for him[8] as she sings: "Why don't you love me... when I make me so damn easy to love?... I got beauty... I got class... I got style and I got ass...".[5][9] The singer further tells her love interest that the decision not to choose her is "entirely foolish".[8]

The video begins with a tribute and sample of the opening credits of Leave It to Beaver which is overdubbed to introduce Knowles as "B.B. Homemaker" in a Daisy Dukes style outfit.[31] The song begins once she goes inside a house and brings along a board saying "Why Don't You Love Me".[36] Throughout the video, Knowles is seen crying, with mascara running down her cheeks while talking on the phone to her love interest, drinking a dry martini and smoking a cigarette. This projects an image of Beyoncé paying homage to Bettie Page just as she did in the music videos for "Telephone" and "Video Phone", where she collaborated with Lady Gaga.[41] In this scene, Knowles impersonates Betty Draper.[34] According to Melanie Bertoldi of Billboard magazine, Knowles contends to her deadbeat lover while sipping a cocktail and French-inhaling a cigarette in the music video. The fantasy-laden imagery hardly ends there though, as it is followed by shots of sequences of Beyoncé gardening, washing dishes, scrubbing floors, and baking cookies.[41] Rap-Up commented on what happens in the video, saying that she is also reading during some scenes, in which she sings "Keep my head in them books, I'm sharp..." In the middle of the video, Knowles dusts off her mantlepiece, which is covered by her 16 Grammy awards she earned when she was with Destiny's Child and after the debut of her solo career. The video closes on her falling to the floor after hanging up the phone and finishing her martini, and says the final word "...dumb!" in a scene in which she is dressed in a dominatrix-type outfit while holding a whip.[30] 041b061a72


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