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[S7E14] Stand By Me Fixed

Captain Lee dismisses Ashton and calls Rhylee up to the Sky Lounge for a chitchat. He points out that she may not understand how her help is taken, he needs to get some other opinions before he makes his decision.

[S7E14] Stand by Me


\u201cBrothers & Sisters\u201d is also notable for giving us another Suicide Squad story in all but name. It\u2019s still difficult not to roll an eye at the way the series is tap-dancing around using the phrase \u201cSuicide Squad,\u201d but this is better than nothing. The larger problem is that the Ghost Initiative roster doesn\u2019t measure up to past incarnations of Task Force X. Cupid and China White remain as bland as ever, while Jericho\u2019s role as an incarcerated super-criminal seems like a weird, random swerve from his role in Season 6. It's like he was chosen at random to fill the team's fourth slot. Only Ricardo Diaz has the screen presence and the story relevance to stand out in this group.

Keppler heads to the mortuary and talks with Salvatore Heinz, a certified tissue recovery coordinator. Salvatore admits that he "recovered" Roger's body parts and stuffed the body with an umbrella when he ran out of PVC piping. When Salvatore goes to get Roger's records, Keppler notices an umbrella stand containing at least a dozen umbrellas from Longevity Tissue Services. Roger's file lists the cause of death as cardiac arrest, which is consistent with Longevity's records. However, before he leaves the mortuary, Keppler receives a call from Doc Robbins; the doc tells him that Roger's actual cause of death was leukemia. 041b061a72


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