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Gta Sa Doberman Save 34

When you save the game, an ID pertaining to the EXE (gta_sa.exe/gta-sa.exe) used is stored in the save.v1 EXEs will load saves with any EXE ID, even a v2 ID.v2 EXEs will only load saves with a v2 ID (including the Steam/RSG version).German v2 EXEs will only load saves with a German v2 ID.Austrian v2 EXEs will only load saves with a Austrian v2 ID.Recommended: "Standard 2.0" unless you are using German 2.0 or Austrian 2.0.

gta sa doberman save 34

This option will allow you to convert the save file to a different script version.v1 saves will only load when using v1 scripts, and v2 saves will only load when using v2 scripts.Recommended: Use the script version you currently use. If you are unsure which version you have, you can upload one of your saves to this site to find out.

Save files contain IPL flags that enable and disable map objects in the game.The order of the IPL flags is determined by the models\gta3.img file being used when the game is saved.This site cannot detect your IPL version for you.Saves will work regardless of which version of gta3.img you use, however there may be glitches, such as road barriers to other cities still appearing after they should have been removed.You can check which version of gta3.img you are using by checking it's file size or checksum. If your gta3.img doesn't match either of these, then your gta3.img is likely modded.City BarriersStory Barriers: City barriers will be enabled or disabled depending on mission completion.Disabled Barriers: City barriers will be removed regardless of mission completion.Recommended: Find out which version of gta3.img you have or leave unmodified.v1 gta3.imgv2 gta3.imgSize940,064,768 bytes937,680,896 bytesCRC32c8ccf06fc8a97acaMD59282e0df8d7eee3c4a49b44758dd694d42a1224aa88741c4f6b40d3d5191b7f0SHA16a6ab35d08428e581f112680146db41971ced8ed77bb6e40a445d3d7393d05a78edbf25401b9f361

Traveling outside of the bounds of the game's main map can cause zone information in the save file to become corrupt,leading to some glitches, such as taxi fares not appearing, map areas being labeled incorrectly, or the Mike Toreno mission not progressing properly.The zone information is the same across all unmodded games.Recommended: "Yes" if detected.More Info

A glitch in the game can cause traffic to behave oddly as you spend more and more time playing (total time played across multiple sessions, such as 150+ hours).Behavior includes traffic vehicles driving backwards, through each other, or in the air.The glitch gets worse over time and can be fixed by resetting various timers and a few variables in the save file.This site cannot detect the glitch for you.Recommended: "Yes" if you are experiencing these glitches.More Info

This save disk can cause basketball courts to be disabled because it is too close to a nearby court. The disk can be moved to one of the rooms in the hallway not far from it's original position. This places it far enough away to avoid the glitch.Recommended: "Yes" if disk is in default location.More Info

This glitch occurs when you save near a basketball court and prevents you from using them. This most commonly happens when saving at Madd Dogg's mansion.Recommended: "Yes" if detected.More Info

This glitch occurs when you save near a pool table and prevents you from using them.This should only occur in modded games, or saves where a save disk has been moved too close to a pool table.Recommended: "Yes" if detected.More Info

This option allows you to change the save name that appears in the game's save slot menus.Save names can be up to 100 characters long. GXT color codes are allowed.Be aware that non-standard characters can cause glitches in the save menus and may not display correctly.

Unlike the PS2-to-PS4 port of GTA San Andreas, cheats will disable all trophies in this version, so you will not be able to use cheats to your advantage. The game can very rarely crash, so it is recommended that you save regularly, especially when doing stuff without autosaves such as capturing gang territories or collecting oysters. It is also recommended that you play the game in Performance mode, as when played in Fidelity mode certain mission cutscenes can cause the game to crash.

It's best to have at least done the Firefighter mission for Rescue a Kitten Too? as this mission has a ton of fire in it and you'll be invulnerable to fire once you have finished the Firefighter mission. Also, to be safe: before starting this mission, make a separate save. If you close your game out while the end credits are going, then you will miss Time to Kill, causing you to have to replay the entire game due to the game auto-saving after the final mission's completion.

There are bars scattered across San Andreas. Go inside one and towards the back, there is a billiards table. Play a game of pool. The goal of Pool is to sink all of your respective type of ball (Stripes or Solids) without knocking in the 8-Ball. If you sink in the 8-Ball before prompted, then you automatically lose. The 8-Ball must be saved for last after you have sunk all of your types of pool balls in. Once you win, this trophy will unlock. The location of one of the bars in Los Santos is pictured below. It's very close to CJ's house, thankfully.

After the final mission of the game is complete, you'll have the final cutscene followed by the credits. As the trophy suggests, you must watch the credits to the very end. If you were to close the game out while the credits were going, then you will miss this trophy. Like noted in The End of the Line, it's best to make a separate save file before tackling the final mission of the game just to be safe. Once you finish the credits, you'll end up outside of CJ's house and then the trophy will pop.

There are many women that CJ can get together with. The first one is Denise from the mission 'Burning Desire'. After it is completed, you can start taking her out on dates. When available, there will be a red marker outside of her home and a heart icon on your minimap. Drive up to it and you can take her on a date. The nearest place to take her is the bar around the corner from where you picked her up. Take her there and afterwards, she'll be ready to go home. Be sure to take her home and not keep her out too long afterwards, or your relationship will not progress that well. You can only go on one date per day, so save at CJ's house often to allow time to pass by quickly (6 in-game hours per save). Another way to help out with your relationship is giving her flowers. You can find some at the park (location pictured below). It's not a requirement, but it can help quicken your relationship.Keep doing this for awhile and, eventually, when you bring her home, she'll invite you inside her home. Accept the offer and you'll be granted this trophy. There are other girlfriends that CJ can get, but Denise is the earliest one you get in the game. 350c69d7ab


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