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Panasonic Uj 260 Firmware

I've read bits and pieces over the years that indicate some optical drives may need a firmware update to solve problems like this, so after a quick search I found a firmware update program that might solve the issue, but it doesn't work. The only firmware I could find is from Sony, and it won't allow the upgrade to be used unless the program is executed in an ancient exotic system among a few select "compatible" models of their Sony Vaio laptop that no one would likely have, and can't even be found. THIS IS SO F**KING R3T*RDED!!!

Panasonic Uj 260 Firmware


I'll attach the firmware files I found to this post so maybe someone here can make sense of one of them (2 slightly different update programs with the exact same new firmware version for the exact same drive. And they both crash the same too)

Yes, yes, yes of course it's recognized, otherwise why would I think of firmware? Tried ImgBurn, Active@ ISO burner, Alcohol 120% (and 52%), BURNCDCC, and Nero just to cover all basis. (or bases however they say it).

@Phas3L0ck We can probably get the firmware update itself from those files using tools like innoextract + uefiextract, but I am not sure how we would be able to flash that firmware to the player itself.

HP do not have firmware updates for this drive on first look. It has update for "PLDS Optical Drive Firmware Update" and for "TSST Optical Drive Firmware Update", which are cd and dvd drives as per the details.

@Phas3L0ck Save the changes in Model.txt just before you hit the "Next" in the installer. I also tried all model numbers and the installer finished successfully for all, but neither updated the BD firmware.

The video worked for me, but firmware didn't update, so this path goes nowhere anyway, so no big loss. The flasher I mentioned is the part of a computer you kick i.e. hardware. So I don't expect help to show up in forums, I would just have to find some repair shop to help me out.

The original flat face panel (for very old fashioned laptops) is emblazoned with all the applicable logos. The drive itself features a (barely adequate) 2Mb buffer, and is detected by applications as MATSHITABD-MLT U with no firmware revision.

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Opti Drive Control also shows that the DIG-79102 is an RPC-2 DVD drive. This means that the drive's region is stored in the firmware. The region can be changed five times and after that it cannot be changed anymore. Unfortunately, a patched RPC-1 firmware is not yet available for this drive.

According to DIGISTOR, the DIG-79102 can write to BD-R and BD-R DL media at 6x. Unfortunately, no matter what I tried, the drive reached a maximum writing speed of only 5x in our tests. As a result, it took more than 22 minutes to burn an entire 25GB disc and nearly 48 minutes to burn 50GB worth of data. When I contacted DIGISTOR regarding this, they seemed to be well aware of this problem and attributed it to the limitations of USB 2.0. They said that the DIG-79102 handles these limitations by slowing down the writing speed in an attempt to keep the writing quality as high as possible. Considering the drive had no problems reading Blu-ray Discs at 6x, this function may be a bit too sensitive. Hopefully DIGISTOR can resolve this issue with a firmware update or upgrading to USB 3.0, which offers much greater throughput.


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