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Replay: Slow motion is getting better in affordable cameras, but it still can't match the heady heights of a Vision Research Phantom Flex 4K. Will it ever happen? Here's a few reasons why we're not there yet.

buy phantom camera

The Phantom TMX 7510 is currently the company's fastest camera as of November 2022, it can record video at up to 76,000 frames per second (fps) at its max resolution of 1280x800, and can record at 1,750,000 frames per second at a resolution of 1280 x 32, or in binned mode with a resolution of 640 x 64.[2]

The Phantom v2512, the company's fastest camera as of August 2018, can record video at over 25,000 at its full one megapixel resolution, and up to one million frames per second at a reduced resolution of 256 x 32 pixels.[3][4] The Phantom v2640 records 6,600 fps at its full resolution of four megapixels, and 12,500 fps at full HD resolution.[5][6]

Phantom Camera Compatibility. The PCU2+ is compatible with a wide range of VRI Phantom high-speed cameras but the VRI Bluetooth Dongle II is optimized for the Flex and VEO camera lines. We do not recommend wireless operation with Miro camera models. Please note, VEO4K compatibility requires a VEOBob breakout box, which is not included with this rental.

Long-Lasting Internal Battery. The PCU2+ AC adapter also works as a charger for the internal battery, which is rated for up to 30 hours of use. When using the remote for wired control, the internal battery will automatically be charged by the camera.

Sleek, Sturdy Design. The PCU2+ is comprised of a rugged, lightweight aluminum body with an integrated display. Bluetooth Enabled and REC indicator lights give operators a quick reference for the state of the camera and controller and a series of buttons allow you to quickly navigate through the menus.

This kit is geared toward Flex4K and VEO4K operators who already have a VEOBOB breakout box. We do not recommend this kit for Phantom Miro cameras. If you have questions regarding camera compatibility, contact us and a tech will be happy to help you determine if this is the right gear for your shoot.

The most compelling reason to buy the Phantom 4 Pro over a smaller drone like the Mavic is the larger camera it carries. With a full 1-inch sensor that shoots 20-megapixel photos and 4K video at 60 frames per second, it sits right on the doorstep of professional cameras like the Zenmuse X5S.

When it comes to speed, a vast majority of cameras on the market currently top out at around 240 frames per second. Two exceptions I know of are the Kinefinity Terra 4K, which can capture 320fps at 2K and RED DSMC2 cameras which can do 300 fps at 2K 2.4:1 (2048 864).

If (much) higher frame rates are required, then Vision Research is the company to go to. The US company based in New Jersey practically dominates the high-speed camera market with their Phantom line of cameras. Vision Research offers many Phantom models with different sensors, resolutions, and framerates for different types of uses.

In the highest resolution full sensor readout, the camera achieves 3,270 frames per second, in Full HD (19201080) it can do 6,160 fps. It also offers a binning mode for higher framerates. The maximum framerate is 113,510 fps at reduced resolution (mainly for scientific purposes). According to Vision Research, the sensor uses a CDS (Correlated Double Sampling) technology for better image quality and lower read noise.

Phantom T1340 has a native daylight ISO of 16,000 (mono) and 4,000 (color). For data storage, there are 36GB, 72GB, or 144GB RAM options plus the camera supports Phantom CineMag V media with capacity of up to 8TB.

There is no word yet about the price of the new Phantom T1340 and when it is going to be available. Please mind, that all Phantom cameras are usually at a premium price segment as they offer unique features. Some Phantoms are even available for rent only. If you are interested in purchasing the T1340, you can contact Vision Research directly.

You don't want to be caught shooting RED with no inclination of how much footage can fit on a drive. So, I'm going to share with you the formula I use to determine how much data is pumping through the camera.

Supports the Phantom VEO and the Miro! Previously, only cameras with CineMag where supported. With Séance 3.0, basic support for the Phantom VEO and Miro line of cameras has been added. CineFlash and C-Fast support is being worked on, with full support for removable storage arriving soon.

As for design, the camera looks like most other Phantom cameras released by Vision Research. It features a block-like design with a basic handle and massive vents on both sides to keep the internals cool.

There are a lot of great Best Buy Black Friday deals going on right now, and whether you're looking for TVs, laptops, or even headphones, there's a little something for everybody. Of course, many folks may not realize that Best Buy has some fantastic deals on high-end photography gear, such as this Sony Alpha a7 III mirrorless camera. While it usually goes for a whopping $2,200, Best Buy had brought it down to $1,900, and while that relatively doesn't seem like much, you could always spend the $300 savings on a new lens.

Why you should buy the Sony Alpha a7 IIIThe Sony Alpha a7 III is a camera with so much tech that it might as well be three different cameras. It has excellent dynamic range, low-light performance, and high-speed performance, and the full-frame sensors make the images look absolutely stunning. Interestingly, the a7 III manages to do an excellent job at both low and high ISOs, the latter of which can go as high as 51,200 non-boosted, which, granted, adds a lot of noise, but noise reduction helps with that. As for the video, well, sadly, it's not as impressive, at least in terms of advancements in image quality, and while it can do 8-bit 4K at 30 frames per second, it's no longer ahead of the pack in that regard, like the Panasonic Lumix GH5 is with its 400Mbps 10-bit codec and 60-fps 4K.

Despite some initial skepticism about the folding screen concept, the device's innovative hinge system and gorgeous 7.85-inch AMOLED almost square screen has won over even this most cynical of reviewers. The camera system is impressive too, with the main Super Night sensor offering incredible clarity in low light. The Dimensity 9000+ chip outperforms folding competitors that use the Snapdragon counterpart, providing a smooth UI and productive experience.

On the back of the device, you'll find the circular camera island, small silver Phantom branding, and a back panel covered in fibrous textured material. Although it's unclear exactly what material it is (some sort of recycled plastic?), it feels surprisingly nice and warm compared to the usual bare metal. There's a basic slimline case included in the package.

Another surprising standout feature of the Tecno Phantom V Fold is the camera system, featuring a total of five lenses. Of those, two are selfie cameras (for both the sub and main screen), a 50MP main camera with a custom Super Night sensor, a 50MP telephoto 2x optical zoom, and a 13MP ultra-wide lens.

In low light, the Phantom V Fold's main camera outperformed the iPhone 13 Pro Max in both video and photography, producing stunningly sharp and detailed images and footage with great contrast. The Phantom V Fold features a couple of different night-mode video shooting options, included standard (a little shakey), Super Stabilized (much better, though you lose a little field-of-view), and Ultimate Video Enhancer (which just seemed to make things brighter). Be sure to watch the full review video to see this in action.

One neat feature unique to having a folding screen allows for ultra-high-quality selfies using the main camera, with the front sub-screen serving as a preview. That said, I did find pressing the shutter button one-handed to be a bit awkward like this.

The camera system, featuring five lenses, is especially impressive, with the main Super Night sensor offering incredible clarity in low light. The Dimensity 9000+ chip allows it to outperform its counterparts with general UI and work performance.

With the most experienced Phantom Technicians and the largest technical support network for our cameras, Love High Speed offers unrivalled service and support for these specialist camera systems. Offering a variety of lens mounts including PL, LPL, Panavision PV, Canon EF and Nikon.

Our ultra smooth precision motion control robotic systems are unrivalled when it comes to speed of set up and programming. Capable of moving any camera and lens combination and offering more flexibility than any other system.

I have liked geprc for a while, bought the elegance, the 2.5 inch frame gep-px2 built it up, have gotten a few stacks motors, and who kn ows whatelse, i thought they were a good company with a good product, till now, All these things I bought straight from geprc, have already been burnt by other retailers, so I order the phantom, Again buying straight from chinese manufacturers better not be in a hurry, when I inally got it, set it up, went to fly it, instead of taking off it raised up and just flipped, checked everything, props were on right, going right way, getting frustrated, after a week o trying I contacted geprc, a ew days later they did respond. Agentelman named arbou emailed me, inorming me basicvally, tough its been over 30 days, hes right I ordered it more than 30 days prior, didnt get it or almost that long and spent a week trying to fix it, but he wasnt going to do anything, after a few more o my charming emails he broke down and oered to sell me what I need to repair my brand new doa quad at 50% off, being the sucker i am i sent him a pay pal payment o 70. or the part i needed, another phantom, ohh wanna know what I ound was wrong? light control board was conigured right in betalight, had yaw off 0 degrees and roll 180 off. now just waiting to see whats up i I do get my re[placement that I hads to buy. looking or another manuacturer now, any suggestions? 041b061a72


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