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Mukta Akter
Jan 08, 2022
In Design Forum
Friday 25th dawned Albania Phone Number List fine and clear. The crew went ashore for a tour with Kostas, while Malcolm and I stayed on board. It was a hot, sultry day. Malcolm varnished out the bare bits of the wheelhouse and saloon while I Albania Phone Number List cleaned the old oil and cigarette butts out of the engine room bilges, left there by the Croatian engineers. In the evening we got the electric barbecue out and Patrice grilled five little fishes he had bought, wrapped in silver paper. The menfolk sat up a little late and finished the Hine Brandy before Albania Phone Number List going to bed. Saturday Albania Phone Number List May 26th dawned cloudy, calm and sultry although it became sunny later. We tried to get our Passage Log stamped but that involved producing the registration certificate, passports, skipper'squalific ations and Albania Phone Number List the insurance policy in Greek, all of which were inspected by the same people yesterday."I thought there was free passage in the EU for citizens and their boats," I queried the lady in Albania Phone Number List charge."All the visiting English say that," she replied, "It's not us, it's the government rules we have to obey." Angelo came aboard Albania Phone Number List with the solenoid for the generator and soon had it going. The generator worked on load so all was well so we moved to the fuel berth to top up the tanks. Then we sailed on the 65 miles to Levkas on the little Albania Phone Number List canal separating the Peloponnese from the rest of Greece.We arrived at a Albania Phone Number List quarter to eight in the evening and entered the northern end of the canal.
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Mukta Akter

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